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Baahubali-The conclusion (Part 2) Story, Cast & Crew, Budget, Release Date, Audio

Baahubali The conclusion (Part 2): Bahubali the Historic story epic movie. Baahubali is a history character who is one of the kings of Indian dynasty. Bahubali story was written by writer K. V. Vijayendra Prasad. The film is directed by great S.S Rajamouli. Producers of the movie are Shobu Yarlagadda, Prasad Devineni. Prabhas is playing  lead role dual role in the movie. Rana Daggubati plays a significant negative role in the movie, Anushka and Tammanah are female lead characters in the film. The movie will be a famous movie with completely under sets of the Ancient times kingdom Mahishmati. Prabhas is playing a role of the Amarendra Bahubali king of the Mahishmati kingdom. Rana Dagubatti is Elder Brother of Prabhas name of Rana Dagubatti is Bhallala Deva. Anushka is the wife of Mahendra Bahubali named Devasena. Tammanah is fighter in the Kunthala dynasty name Avantika.

Baahubali-The conclusion (Part 2) Story, Cast & Crew, Budget, Release Date, Audio

Baahubali-The conclusion (Part 2) Story, Cast & Crew, Budget, Release Date, Audio
Baahubali-The conclusion (Part 2) Story, Cast & Crew, Budget, Release Date, Audio

Baahubali-The conclusion Story & Plot

The story is about how Prabhas become the king of Mahishmati dynasty by defeating the Kalakeyas who want to occupy the Maishmati kingdom. And Flash Back story told by Kattappa  to the son of Bahubali Shivudu alias Mahendra Bahubali met him at a fight between mahishmati soldiers and Mahendra Bahubali to save her mother Devasena (Anushka). This is happened due to Avantika (Tammanah) who is earlier struggling to bring back Devasena who is arrested and kept in jail in Mahismati dynasty by Bhallala Deva for the revenge on Bahubali. At the end of the first part, Kattappa revealed that himself killed the Amarendra Bahubali but the reason will be revealed in second part Bahubali the conclusion.

Bahubali, the Beginning Shooting, is started in the Kurnool. In the Kurnool rock garden, War scenes are pictured. Mahishmati kingdom shooting Is done in the Ramoji Film City by a set of the Kingdom and Palace. Water Falls shooting is done in Kerala Athirpally waterfalls. And Snow scenes are done in Bulgaria. The total budget of the movie is about 1.2 billion. Video collections are 6.5 billion all over the world. The film is dubbed in Tamil, Hindi, and English. The film I released in different countries including China, Korea also. Bahubali movie is second highest grosser of the India.

Bahubali the Beginning was a successful film of the Indian Films. And the film is now going to start the sequel of the Bahubali: the beginning is Bahubali: the conclusion. Bahubali: the conclusion is going to hit the theaters on 28th April 2017.

Bahubali Pre-Production Details:

The movie Pre-production was started in 2015, and video shooting began on December 17th, 2015.  Bahubali: the conclusion movie shooting is completed almost; Major war scene of the film is performed in the month of June 2016. Director of the movie S.S Rajamouli said that shooting of the Bahubali: the conclusion is easier than the movie Bahubali: the conclusion.

SS Rajamouli said When the first part Bahubali: the beginning is on the sets to shoot, we don’t know how the audience will react to the movie after release, But when the Bahubali: the beginning got a tremendously positive response from the public. Now we are free from the fear to shoot the movie second part Bahubali: the Conclusion.

As a part of movie promotion, Movie team reviled the first look poster of young rebel star Prabhas in the Mumbai Academy of Moving Image MAMI film festival in Mumbai. And the movie First look poster is released officially on the occasion of the Young Rebel Star Prabhas Birthday on October 23rd, 2016.

Not only the First look of Prabhas but also motion teaser of the movie also released at the MAMI film festival. Recently one more event that first look poster of Dagubatti Rana on is birthday 14th December. Director S.S Rajamouli presented a gift to Daggubati Rana by releasing the first look poster of Bhallala Deva (Daggubati Rana) on 14th December.

Bahubali Part 2 Cast & Crew Details

  • Prabhas as Shivudu alias Mahendra Bahubali and Amarendra Bahubali
  • Rana Daggubati as Bhallala Deva
  • Anushka Shetty as Maharani Devasena
  • Tamannaah as Avanthika
  • Ramya Krishnan as Sivagami
  • Sathyraj a Katappa
  • Nassar as Bijjaladeva father of Bhallala Deva
  • Rohini as Sanga
  • Tanikella Bharani as Swamiji
  • Prabhakar as Kalakeyas king
  • Sudeep as Asalam Khan
  • Rakesh Varre as Bhalladeva’s friend
  • Teja Kakumanu as Sakethudu
  • Bharani as Marthanda
  • Subbaraya Sharma
  • Aditya as Raj Guru
  • S Rajamouli as a Spirit seller (guest role)
  • Nora father & Scarlett Mellish as dancers in the particular song
  • Charandeep as brother of Kalakeyas king
  • Meka Rama Krishna as head of the Kuntala warriors who are fighting to get back Devasena


  • Director of the movie: S.S Rajamouli
  • Producers of the film: Shobu Yaralagadda, Prasad  Devineni, K Raghavendra Roa
  • Screenplay: S.S Rajamouli
  • Story Writer: K.V Vijendra Prasad
  • Cinematography: Senthil Kumar
  • Production Designer: Sabu Cyril
  • Costume Design: Rama Rajamouli
  • Music Director: M.M Keeravani
  • Stunt Master: Peter

Bahubali: The Conclusion Budget

Bahubali movie budget is about 2.5 Billion. (250 Crores)

Bahubali The Conclusion (Part 2) Release date

Bahubali: the conclusion movie is going to hit the theaters worldwide on 28th April 2017.

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